C​ranberry Kale Stir Fry

Vegan Alert! Fragrant and filling, this stir fry makes a fabulous meal in itself. Cranberry and Orange combine perfectly, creating ...
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French Country Tofu

French Country Tofu Ingredients: 1 organic non GMO 16oz. cube of tofu ¼ cup olive oil ¼ cup agave 1/8 ...
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Kelly’s Special Spaghetti

Kelly's Special Spaghetti is very flavorful and fun. It is extremely simple to make and captures that great Italian goodness ...
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Four Seasons Alfredo

Four Seasons Alfredo! Creamy alfredo sauce is the perfect way to enrich the seasonings on the dehydrated bell pepper and ...
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Creating elegant artistic presentations of beautiful foods holds a very special place in my life. I love to go to
that inner quiet place where I first see the picture of these beautifully prepared foods in my mind. Food is my expression of life. It is my life because I find purpose and passion in the creation of wonderful gourmet food to share with others. I want to share my passion for life through my recipes so that others can experience the same fulfillment in their own lives.

So much of the food experience lies in the elements of design that come into play. Different colors and their use bring various moods, memories, life experiences to mind. That only scratches the surface of what is happening at the moment. The food we eat represents who we really are deep down inside. The colors make us feel good and bring a sense of wellbeing when we see a beautifully presented dish. Life is to be savored and enjoyed.

Various textures bring in a sense of balance compositionally. Something balanced is something beautiful. It represents the harmony between the many elements. Harmony is something we all strive for in life because it brings joy and love to us. Harmony is happiness. I want that for everyone who reads this.

Come and join me in this journey. I hope that sharing my passion and purpose with you will help you find yours.