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Puddings associate themselves with holidays and traditions. I received a reminder of that when a FB friend of mine in India wrote me to tell me of his birthday celebration which included a traditional rice pudding. Culturally, puddings herald many festivals all around the world. Here are some examples.

The 2nd weekend in October heralds the Banana Pudding Festival in Tennessee. Chefs get together to compete in making the best banana pudding recipe. The whole idea behind it is a fundraiser to help victims of natural disasters in the area. Each year a secret recipe for banana pudding is placed in this competition and then the best entry gets the bragging rights for being the best in the nation.

Whiskey Bread Pudding is a favorite in the pilgrimage music festival in Tennessee. I wonder why that could be? I’ll leave the answer to the reader’s imagination.

A steamed sponge pudding with dried fruit is used in traditional Christmas festivals and dinners in Great Britain. This is one of the oldest traditions using pudding around.

Noah’s pudding is a Turkish dish that is used in that country to celebrate the landing of Noah’s Ark. In memory of the occasion right before the settling of the ark on land, there was very little food left to feed all the animals and people on the ark. Noah took everything he had left and mixed it up together. The diversity, friendship, and unity. It is a celebratory dish that symbolizes unity between many cultures, traditions, and religions.

My puddings are creations that promote both comfort and good health. They can be used for celebrations any time of the day. They are presented to you to both as a healthy alternative to the traditional puddings and as an inspiration to support your own creations.

Raspberry Mousse Delight

Raspberry Mousse Delight Mousse Ingredients:2 cups organic raw cashews (soaked for 2 hours)1 cup frozen raspberries thawed with juice1 13.66 ...
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Morning Matcha Raspberry Custard

Morning Matcha Raspberry Custard Ingredients:½ organic chia seeds½ tsp. apple cider vinegar1 cup frozen raspberries20 drops raspberry medicine flower extract1/8 ...
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Raw Gourmet La Vie

Strawberry Matcha Mousse

Strawberry Matcha Mousse Ingredients:1 cup young coconut meat1/8 tsp. Himalayan sea salt½ tsp. lemon juice¼ cup melted coconut oil¼ tsp. ...
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Kiwi Matcha Pudding

Kiwi Matcha Pudding Ingredients: 1 can Thai kitchen unsweetened coconut milk 3 tbsp. agave 1/8 tsp. Himalayan sea salt 2 ...
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