Quite often, especially in raw foods, a recipe may end up standing alone or becoming part of another more complicated recipe with many components. Ideas develop as one goes along. I find that to be true for myself as I think about pairing flavors, textures, and colors in the recipe that I am creating at the moment. I begin with the food itself and concentrate on pairing flavors to make my food delicious. After that step, I decide whether to use what I have by itself or make it a part of something else. Sometimes, I find that I have created a beautiful garnish to employ in my​​​ presentation of my next dish. Imagining and thinking ahead is fun and exciting for me and fuels my passion for what I do.

Designing my presentation comes next. I consider which line to follow, what colors will be used to enhance the food itself, and I always pair my garnish to the flavor of the recipe. Balance can be achieved through layering, shaping, and coloring. My primary concern is to make sure that when I am finished with the plate, my eye will be able to "fan" the whole presentation without any particular element sticking out. I strive for an overall blend. I want motion in my display as well, impressing a pleasant, relaxing energy on the beholder. First impressions set the mood for a pleasurable dining experience. Memories are created this way and can last a life time.

I want my skills to contribute to your development both in imagination and artistic detail. Hopefully, as we travel this journey together, you will learn step by step just how to innovate and create beauty for yourselves. The tools that I use will become evident as we go along the way. They are just the beginning, and how you employ them will be up to you. There is no limit in this process of fine food discovery. It is pure joy and love of life!

Much love and light!