Food is love and love is life. Entrees are the life of the party and bring people together to experience love. Entrees are the heart of the meal. We enjoy the satisfaction that they bring and the memories they leave behind.

Pistachio Pesto

Pistachio Pesto Sautéed Garlic Ingredients: 1 tbsp. fresh pressed garlic cloves2 tbsp. finely diced shallot¾ cup finely chopped basil (packed)2 ...
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Raw Gourmet La Vie

Best of Italy Pizza

https://youtu.be/GOM93zo_0p4 Best of Italy Pizza Buckwheat Groats Ingredients: 2 cup Red Mill organic whole grain buckwheat Directions:Note: 1 cup of ...
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Best of Italy Wrap

https://youtu.be/8B9bgDlNLxU Note: This recipe is truly the best of Italy and is a 5 star creation. Prepare the sprouted Buckwheat ...
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Spicy Spiral Bouquet

Spicy Spiral Bouquet​ Spicy Garbanzo BeansIngredients: 1 15oz. can of organic garbanzo beans 2 tbsp. olive oil 5 garlic cloves ...
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