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Appetizers are the introduction to the occasion, much like an overture is to an opera. It introduces a smattering of all of the music throughout the whole work. It invites the audience to stay and listen to the finished work. A preview if you will.
All of the elements including various flavors, textures, colors, and presentation are of the utmost importance in appetizer dishes. The first impression is made with this course. Appetizers set the overall tone of the repast. There are unique appetizers that say ‘party’ and others that elegantly introduce a ‘banquet’. I keep all of this in mind when preparing these unique recipes.
Colors play a huge part in the overall setting. Bright reds, yellows, and pinks make the impression of daytime party atmosphere. Simple chips and hummus for example, set a completely different tone than my arugula ensemble would. The ensemble connotes an elegantly prepared meal as opposed to an afternoon with the kids and snacks. The colors are much more subdued and the flavors exotic.
Flavor pairing is vital in these dishes. People want to sample a bit of everything that you have to offer. They want to enjoy that sense of anticipation that a delicious appetizer brings. The expectation of satisfaction and wellbeing after the dinner is why they have accepted the invitation in the first place. Knowing how to pair flavors is huge.
Finally, bringing a sense of balance requires matching all of these things with the upcoming meal. Appetizer presentation is everything. Remember, the guests are walking in the door and this is the first thing they see. My goal here is to make sure that I teach you how not only to create foods, but how to make unforgettable first impressions as well.

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Raw Gourmet La Vie

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