Breakfast varies widely around the world. Country of origin, culture, climate, and beliefs of the people play an enormous part in what is served for breakfast and at what time it is served. For example: a popular breakfast in Finland is a hearty oat-based porridge called puro, swerved with a bit of butter and some mixed berries. A warm energy packed breakfast in a cold climate. The Swedes enjoy hearty sandwiches of various types. In China, rice porridge is popularly served with some type of ground meat or seafood. The Japanese enjoy the same rice dish served with a bowl of miso soup. Some cooked fish and pickled vegetables can also accompany the miso soup and green tea is the rage. Koreans serve rice and several side dishes with breakfast being similar to lunch or dinner. Spanish people make a thick hot chocolate and use it to dip their churros in the morning.

One very fascinating belief about breakfast comes from the Ayurveda texts. It is called the principle of ‘Agni’ which is the digestive and absorption process known as Pakwagni (digestive fire) that drives our digestion and metabolism. It is thought that breakfast should stoke this energy within us. If it doesn’t, we should not be eating at that hour of the day. It is believed that our inner Agni follows the path of the sun. The highest point of the sun is when the sun is on top by the afternoon. That is when the body is ready for a heavy lunch. Therefore, breakfast is not recommended to be a large meal. This is contrary to the popular adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The belief then in India is that breakfast should be quite light. Warm, fresh, we spiced, and easy to digest vegetarian foods are the in thing.

I am presenting many varied creations and new ideas for breakfast. Hopefully, I will be able to inspire you to use your imagination and create your own wonderful breakfast foods as well.

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