The dessert is the grand finale. It must finish with style and flair. Sweeping everyone off their feet is the mastery of desert creation. There are a number of steps involved that comprise the process of dressing up your dessert for such a show.

Consideration of the ingredients that make up the recipe is primary. Enhancing and selecting the colors that pair with the ingredients themselves is vital. Garnishes and decorations must also pair with the ingredients flavor wise. Specific occasions must be considered in the overall design as well. What is the overall tone and mood that this dessert is creating for that moment in time?

Another thing that comes to mind is choosing which line to follow in achieving an overall balance in the final presentation. Layering, shaping, and coloring are all involved here. Deciding which plate to use that complements the shape of the food is important. Then arranging the lines in the background to accommodate and enhance that shape comes into play.

Overall, when all is said and done, we have an enormous round of applause coming our way.

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