Anise Wonderland


1 – cup chopped pitted dates

Hand chop your dates to bite size pieces

1 – cup frozen thawed cranberries

Frozen thawed cranberries are a very important step

In this recipe. Using a food processor pulse your cranberries to bite size pieces

2 – large gala pitted apples

Make sure all seeds are removed. They are very toxic for your birds

Pulse the apples in a food processor. Do not over pulse your apples you only want bite size pieces

1 – cup kale leaves

Pulse in a food processor

¾ cup cooked sweet potato

1 large navel orange

Cut into bite size pieces by hand

1 – cup pecans

chop into bite size pieces by hand

1– cup coconut flakes

1 – cup dried unsweetened apricots

chop into bite size pieces by hand

1 – cup chai seeds

1 – cup flax seeds

1 – cup sprouted buckwheat “Nuts.Com”

1 – Tbsp. anise seeds “Nuts.Com”

1 – Tbsp. Ceylon cinnamon

1 – Tbsp. grated ginger

Grate your ginger using a microplane grater

If you prefer powder sells beautiful organic ginger powder.

1 – Tbsp. melted coconut oil

¼ – cup filtered water

Anise Wonderland combining dates, cranberries and apples
A combination of fruits constitute Anise Wonderland
Anise Wonderland uses pecans and coconut flakes
Anise Wonderland is a beautiful combination of fruits
Cranberries, dates and apples lend a major flavor


Place all your prepared ingredients except for the water into a large mixing bowl. Using a large spoon mix all the ingredients together. After everything is thoroughly mixed slowly add the water.

There are several options you can choose to create your desired treats.    

  1. Take a heaping tablespoon filled with the batter and roll into balls in the palm of your hands.   
  2. Take a heaping tablespoon and create flat cookie treats.  
  3. Use a rubber bread mold. Coat the inside of your mold with coconut oil and fill it up with batter. Once you have your mold formed, flip it upside down and place it on your dehydrator tray.  
  4. Be creative with your molds. If your using tart pans use only removable bottoms.
  5. Put you created treats onto your dehydrator tray without parchment paper. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for up to 20hrs. Depending on where you live you may want to decrease or increase the dehydrating time due to the moisture in the air.  
  6. Flip the treats halfway through the dehydration process.  
  7. To store your treats, place them into a small freezer Ziplock bag and remove all the air. I always add a small bag filled with treats into a larger freezer bag. This helps to protect against freezer burn. Write on the outside of your bag the date and name of the recipe. Your treats will last up to 3 months in the freezer if you keep all the air out of your bags.

Equipment needed to create this recipe:

Food processor, Dehydrator, and a microplane grater I use only Organic Non-GMO ingredients in all my recipes.